What About Bob?

I am in a sleep deprived state.  My kids are still sick; thank you all for your kind wishes and words.  However, I feel compelled to share this information with you as it might change your life. 

OK probably not.  But it’s interesting in a weird way.  Did you know that if your name is Bob, or any derivative (Robert, Roberta, Bobby and so on) you can join the “B.O.B.” club? 

Those of you in Grand Rapids will of course recognize the The B.O.B. as the “Big Old Building” full of bars and restaurants downtown on Monroe by the Van Andel Arena.  According to the website the benefits are “incredible” and include:

  • Free Pool Any Time @ The B.O.B.
  • $1.00 B.O.B.’s Brews All The Time
  • Complimentary Admission For 2
  • 2 For 1 Dr. Grins Tickets
  • Free Admittance Into Wine School
  • 40 percent Discount On B.O.B. Wear

I am thinking about dragging a copy of my family tree down there.  While I am not named Bob or anything Bob-related, I do have an uncle named Bob and should therefore be entitled to a full scholarship for Wine School.

Interested? Click on the website under “clubs” for more details.



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5 responses to “What About Bob?

  1. LOL – I have an Uncle Bob as well, and so do my girls since Ron’s brother is another Bob. 🙂

  2. Dang – I knew I should have married a Bob instead of a Brad! I have an Uncle Bob too 🙂

  3. Melinda

    You just made my husband (Bob)’s week!!! He is making plans to go there this Saturday now!

  4. I think they call that discrimination. How dare they? We should start a boycott for all those not named, Bob!

  5. planningqueen

    What a clever little PR exercise! The BOB sounds like fun.

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