8 responses to “The Flu

  1. That sucks. I think we are on the way out of our sick fog over her. At least I hope so…

  2. Oh no! I hope everyone is better soon. And that this never-ending winter will come to a close as well…

  3. I have an insider that works at Perrigo in Allegan so I always have children’s meds stocked piled in case of emergencies such as this! I think we paid less than $0.20 per item. How is that for being frugal?!

  4. hotomom

    My thoughts are with you all. Lord, if we could get rid of it here I would be a happy person.

  5. cleavermama

    If any mom I know can handle have multiple ailing children, its definetly YOU! Get your bleach out sista while they are napping and have at it. Call me if you need anything.

  6. Hope it goes away soon!

  7. I hope you everyone feels better soon.

  8. Oh get better soon–that’s just a nasty thing. My sympathies.

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