West Michigan Women’s Expo

West Michigan Women's Expo

This weekend is the Women’s Expo at DeVos Place. It starts on Friday and runs through Sunday. It is like a trade show, with tables, booths and seminars – all for women.  I have gone for about six years in a row now, and it gets bigger each year. 

It is give-away city.  There are samples of various products, plus the usual trade show stuff (candy, pens, pads of paper, etc.).  The best give away was a free oil change coupon.  There are also a ton of ‘enter to win a free (whatever)’ chances, so if you like that kind of thing, enter away.

Here are my tips:

  1. Look at the schedule and plan on attending a seminar or two that interests you.
  2. Take the DASH bus; it’s so much easier than parking by the DeVos Place.  Directions and instructions are here.
  3. If at all possible, try and go without kids.  There isn’t much for them to do there, and they can really interfere with your freebie-getting if you have to chase them all over.  There are some interesting services and products; it’s nice to have a chance to chat face to face without distractions. Having said that; babies who will sit in a stroller the whole time are a great excuse to basically push around a shopping cart to store your goodies in.
  4. Take those free address labels you get in the mail and use them when filling out enter to win forms.  Also, take your own pen so you don’t have to wait for one to become available at the tables.
  5. There are discount coupons for tickets all over in local magazines and papers.  Also, Meijer is selling tickets at a discounted rate.  If you get there without a coupon or ticket, look in the lobby before you go to the ticket counter; there are probably some laying around.
  6. Listen to 95.7 this week.  I think it’s kind of light rock. They are a sponsor, and last year I learned that many of the vendors advertise the week before and have offers like, “Mention this ad at our booth for a free gift”. 

Have fun! It is a little crowded but just know that it is all there for you; so enjoy it.


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