4 responses to “Being Pretentious: No Longer Any Fun

  1. adventuremom

    Here is another crazy thing I learned when I went to Macy’s. All the make up counters are owned Este Lauder, including Origins, MAC, and Clinique. I felt like I was being hosed with the all the competition. Now I wonder if they are all the same products with different labels and prices 🙂

  2. dorianhunter

    Hehe…that’s a good one, your remark about the hybrid car. I will also definitely buy a Hybrid when it comes with LEO installed….*smiles*

  3. planningqueen

    Sometimes it is nice just to not know stuff. Nestle seems to have bought the entire confectionery market in Australia. I did not know about any of the above – a few more hard purchase decisions to make.

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