My friend French Mama is one of those people who volunteers for 100 different organizations, is on this board and that committee, has a preschooler, and works part time.  And teaches French (what else?) classes  for children. I would be tearing my hair out if I had all of this on my plate, but she’s cool as a cucumber.  Oh, and she’s 7 months pregnant. She finally started showing about 2 weeks ago.

She let me know that the ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson is doing a special series called, “Living In The Shadows:  Illiteracy in America” that examines the hidden phenomenon of illiteracy in this country. An estimated 30 million people in the U.S. cannot read a simple sentence.  Undiagnosed learning disorders, poverty, and unstable homes are among the factors contributing to this nation-wide crisis. The problem persists, in large part, because many actively try to conceal it or avoid seeking help.

In the second part of the series, Thomas travelled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where one out of every five residents there has difficulty reading or cannot read at all. The city has pledged to cut the illiteracy rate in half in the next ten years – launching a city-wide campaign to increase awareness of the issue and enlisting hundreds of tutors and volunteers.  You can read the report here on ABC’s Website.

French Mama sent me this note:

If you or anyone you know in Grand Rapids area can commit at least 30 minutes a week to a helping a young child become a stronger reader it is SOOOOO worth it. You would be surprised how only 30 minutes a week can help a young non-reader develop reading skills and reading confidence. 🙂

If she can do it, we can too.  Check out the organization called Schools of Hope.  You can also contact Meg Bennett at 616.459.6281 ext. 102 or e-mail for more information.


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2 responses to “Literacy

  1. WyomingMom

    Many of the libraries in the Grand Rapids area host a program called Ruff Readers. Trained therapy dogs will come to the library and kids can read a book to the dog and practice their reading skills. The therapy dogs (mine included) have been specially trained to “pay attention” while the child reads to them. A child is more likely to read to a dog who wont judge versus an adult. It is a great way to help a child who may need improvement in their reading skills.

  2. French mama

    Gosh, now you have me blushing. It is I who am constantly amazed by all the 50 thousand different things YOU are involved with and do every one of them so passionately and full of life! Your blog gives the most amazing information in so many areas,Big Binder, and continues to bring laughter and fun at the same time. All things we desperately need while raising our kiddos. Thanks for being the wonderful YOU (it’s so awesome we ran into each other all these years after college and connect in so many ways) and keep doing your thing girl! 🙂

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