New Pizza Place, and More Hockey


*Tasty Tuesday is coming to you a day late due to some technical difficulties…

Today’s lunch plans were cancelled due to a long appointment this morning and Maybelle falling asleep on the way to the restaurant.  This is not a child you wake up and expect any kind of cooperation from, so we just headed home.  A.P. wanted “Chocko Loco Tacos”, which are simply home-made cheese quesadillas.  Easy enough.

We did end up with a fairly Tasty Tuesday though. The dinner I had planned as well as our entire evening was switched around by something my husband had going on, so we ended up at a pizza place on 28th St near QDoba and Penzy’s Spices.  They had guys standing outside with a sign my husband could not refuse: “XL PIZZA $6.00” It’s called New York Pizza, and it was ok.  Definitely does not have anything on JB’s Pizza, but it’s fresh and inexpensive.

I have more Griffins News as well.  This is especially good if you need to attend a McCarty Party before he goes back to the Red Wings.

There are a couple of ‘specials’ this weekend.  First, there are $5 upper bowl and $10 lower bowl tickets available for the Saturday and Sunday games, but you have to get them online.  Here is how:

                      1. Go to
                      2. Enter username: mccarty
                      3. Enter password: griffins

Sunday is also “Reading Day” with the Griffins. Kids 12 and under can  dress as their favorite storybook character. Parents must register their children at by Thursday, Feb. 28 at 5 p.m. 

All current library card holders can get a 2-for-1 deal on tickets at the Van Andel Arena box office on game day (limit two complimentary tickets per card). There will also be face-painting, sign-making, balloons, and a bunch of other stuff.  Go to Griffins Hockey for more information. 



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2 responses to “New Pizza Place, and More Hockey

  1. Elaine

    JB’s ROCKS!!!!

    Have you tried their lasagna? Argh, now I want to go there for lunch!

  2. I actually have 4 of said tickets for Sundays game if anyone wants them.

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