4 responses to “Sanitation expert or a maintenance engineer

  1. You have officially crossed over into some sort of bizzare realm here with the strong need to match the snack with the theme when you are dreaming up how to turn boxes into look a like recycling container. You may need therapy I am not quite sure.

    The crackers were a big hit with Lily, she described them in great detail and was a fan. I am pretty sure the rats wouldn’t have gone over quite as well.

  2. I agree with the Diaper Diaries 🙂 Who needs fancy snacks – the kids are just going to devour them and think nothing of how cute they looked. However, us Mommies will so appreciate cute snacks at Mommy events 😉

  3. hotomom

    That’s what L is learning about this month too. Today was supposed to be Merchant, and my mom was going to go and talk to the kids, L was so excited. We woke and school was cancelled today. She’s really disappointed.

  4. Yeah Diaper Diaries; ’cause matching snacks and preschool themes would be crazy… who would do such a thing?


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