My Final Frugal Tip

Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Register (LT1598)Well, for now anyway.  This isn’t so much a frugal tip, but a way to get some more cash, or at least Meijer Gift Cards.  I wrote about this in another post, but only about a week after the birth of the Big Binder Blog.  Since I now have more than three readers (thank you!!) I will bring it up again.

When A.P. was a baby, I learned about Innovative Consumer Research from my friend Chris. It’s a testing company and we sampled baby foods, toddler snacks, and other foods and food related products.  He absolutely loved it. I hope that every job he has in the future he gets such satisfaction from.  After about the age of three, the tests really taper off, so we signed Maybelle up too.  She thinks she is in a restaurant, and actually places orders with the taste testers.

The tests are about 30-45 minutes, and the compensation is between $15 and $20 in the form of a Meijer Gift Card.  Occasionally, there are ‘take home’ tests, but most of them are on site. It’s convenient to schedule; an automated system calls you when there is a test available, or you can call in to check. 

To sign up, call 1-800-991-3388 for a packet. They will send you instructions for getting a panelist ID and more information about how the program works.

Eat up, baby!


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3 responses to “My Final Frugal Tip

  1. Wish I would have known about this one when my kids were younger 🙂

  2. You should promote that other one for adults. did you get my message??

  3. This is great information for young families. My daughter was just telling me about this program today December 18, 2009. It is helpful in these difficult financial times.

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