Frugal Family Feeding

family gathered at dinner table, dressed nicely in the midst of eatingAs promised – this week continues with frugal ideas guaranteed to ward off a personal finance recession.

The other day my husband commented to me that I didn’t cook like I used to.  I couldn’t figure out if this was a compliment or an insult, so I asked him to elaborate. 

“Well, before we had kids (oh, this is going to be an insult) you used to make all of this stuff that was super-fancy and seriously better than restaurant food (OK not a total insult). 

I explained that two the two major factors were (duh!?) time and money.  Always on guard for my job security as a stay-at-home-mom, I also explained that with kids, even if I went back to work to solve the money issue, I would not have time to prepare the meals once served at Bistro Binder.

Rather than finding recipes and then buying the ingredients like the good old days, I buy what is on sale and find recipes around it.  This is what my Menu Plan Monday posts are all about.  I don’t post our meals because I think it is extremely interesting information; I do it because hopefully someone else can use some of the recipes. 

I realize that not everyone has the ridiculously huge (but very well loved) supply of recipes that I have, nor does everyone have the desire to build a menu from scratch.  With that, I bring you some menu plan solutions.  These include menus, recipes and grocery lists.

  • Menus4Moms has two versions of their menu planner.  One is free, and you get the same recipes and grocery list as the ‘paid’ version. 
  • Saving Dinner is a service you pay for, but there are free samples on the website. 
  • Forest Hills Foods has a weekly menu plan with recipes, and you can build your list right on the website.  You can also print off coupons too.  It’s swell.
  • Meijer has a similar menu plan with recipes, based on many things that are on sale that week.  For some reason they make it hard to find.  It is under “Healthy Living” rather than “Food” on their website. 

If you find any awesome recipes out there, please let me know. My poor husband is practically wasting away from starvation over here.


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