Postpartum Support

A human infantThere are two resources ‘out there’ I would like to spread the word about.  First, a blog by a woman who is super honest about her struggles with postpartum depression.  She is a great writer and has a funny sense of humor, so I read her blog often.  Also, while I didn’t have any major bouts with PPD, I have friends who have, and it helps me to understand their experience better.  Just a caveat – this is written from a Christian perspective, so that might be great for some; not so great for others.  Her blog is called and you can click here to read it.

Second, there is a very cool organization called MomsBloom.  They offer postpartum support in Kent County for issues anyone with a newborn experiences.  This includes parent/infant bonding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, meal preparation, parent education and a whole lot more.  It is a free service, but donations are accepted.  Take a look at their website here.

This is a volunteer organization, and if you are lucky enough to have made it through the ‘infant’ stage of your childrearing and feel you have something to share, please contact Sara at 616-485-8964 or email

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  1. lifeafterbaby

    Hi BigBinder. Thanks for the link! I can’t believe you realized I write from a Christian perspective, I thought I was totally under-ground on that one. Hmmm…I”ll have to work on disguising that a little better–maybe I’ll start writing in code. Hey, it’s who I am.

    I’m so excited about Moms Bloom! Sara BT has come to speak at LAB before, and is a totally amazing person.

    Can’t wait to explore your blog more. I, too, am craft-challenged and have energetic kids. So I look forward to finding lots of great ideas here.

    Back to reading my Bible…j/k!

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