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chuck_e_cheese.jpgMonday evening found us with a full Choo Choo Board.  This board is our attempt to reward positive behavior. You can read more about our parental brilliance in this post.  Quickly, the reward rotates and much to my dismay – Chuck E Cheese was up. We were on the north side of town so we cruised up to the Alpine location. This is a way nicer location and the kids actually ate an entire piece of pizza each so I was happy with the trip.

I didn’t have the energy to go anywhere more interesting.  I was extremely grateful for the total absorption provided by the Chuckster. We were near Alpine for an appointment with  allergist which culminated a two year and I-don’t-even-want-to-add-it-up-and-know-how-much medical journey for A.P. 

Right after Maybelle was born (two and a half years ago), A.P. failed a hearing screening.  The trail of referrals was as follows:

  • Screening to pediatrician
  • Pediatrician to otology center for formal hearing screening. Failed. The first of 10 million times we were asked, “How many ear infections has he had?” and the first of a million times we answered, “None”.
  • Otology center to pediatrician
  • Pediatrician to E.N.T.  He was very excited to see us, as he apparently needed to make a boat payment and was quite thrilled to tell us our child needed tubes in his ears.  Oh and probably also needs his tonsils and adenoids out. He about met us in the waiting room with this information. Um, can we get an exam at least?
  • Back to pediatrician – can we get a new E.N.T.? This guy’s a little too tube happy.
  • Pediatrician to different E.N.T.  He told us there wasn’t anything wrong with A.P.’s ears. Or his nose and throat, for that matter.

There was a 6 month respite, until his preschool did a hearing screening which naturally, he failed miserably.  They referred us to the Kent County Otology Clinic. Uh-oh… found some fluid in there.  Fortunately, the clinic is free so coming back was not a huge deal.  We bounced around here for about 6 months. Eventually, the E.N.T.’s got tired of nothing happening (sometimes he had fluid, sometimes not) so they suggested it might be an allergy. Oh and he needs tubes.

  • Otology Clinic to pediatrician who said to give him tubes.
  • Pediatrician to E.N.T. who said (again) there is nothing wrong with his ears; he has an allergy.
  • E.N.T. to pediatrician who none too happily ordered a serum (blood) allergy test and some Claritin.  His test results were negative, but since he was ‘responding well’ to the allergy medicine let’s keep him on it and call it a day.  I disagreed, and insisted on a referral to an allergist.
  • Pediatrician to allergist, which brings us to today. 

After two years, we finally got to the bottom of it! As it turns out, A.P. was born with large tonsils and adenoids.  In the past year or so, he has grown into them, so to speak.  He is not allergic to anything at all. Serum allergy tests are not worth a dime; they are a result of ‘medical marketing’. He does not need tubes, allergy medicine, or a tonsillectomy.  He just needed time to grow.  Take that, medical community.  One of your own was honest and sold you out – and spared us surgery and prescriptions.  If only we had gone to him first.



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3 responses to “Here we are now, entertain us

  1. Yikes, what a journey! Way to go for sticking up for him though and not giving in to what the doctors wanted. It’s so hard to know sometimes what’s best and it’s great to see a mom who’s not willing to just ‘give in’ to the ‘professionals’.

    We like the Alpine CEC’s better too… 🙂

  2. Yes, where was he at the beginning? I went to a doctor to get a wart taken off (yes now you know all my dirty little secrets) and I was blown away when she said, ‘Now this visit is going to be $114, but next week when you have your follow up it’ll save you money just to see the P.A.–only $60 then.’ Blown away. Why don’t more doctors do this too?

  3. I am so proud of my fellow activist mom! I love it when I get to feel smarter than doctors! You (mommy) of all people know your kids and I applaud your persistence to get the BEST possible care for him. Score a big one for Mommies all over the world!!

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