Smoke Detector Time

Fire AlarmEvery year when it gets cold and people start spending most of their time in the heated indoors, we inevitably hear a very sad story about a house or apartment catching fire.  Even more tragic is when the story includes the line, “There were no working smoke detectors in the home”.

I have smoke detectors in my house. They drive me crazy, because when I so much as burn toast they freak out and beep forever.  My brilliant solution? Take the batteries out.  Not good.  Getting up to speed on this has officially been put on the ‘to do’ list for the weekend.

If you need a smoke detector, the City of Grand Rapids provides one free per home. You can pick it up at your local fire station.  Also, the American Red Cross and several other agencies have come together in order to put a smoke detector in every home within a ‘defined neighborhood’. I don’t know that the neighborhood is, but the is program called “Saving Lives At The Sound” and you can read more about it here

Smoke detectors should not only have batteries in them; they should be replaced at least once per year unless they are lithium. I am going to get new alarms, because I read about needing ionization and photoelectric alarms for different situations.  You can read more on your own here if you are interested.

If you need one and want to make it a somewhat fun trip, head up to Home Depot tomorrow.  The  first Saturday of every month there is a Kids Workshop offered, so kids will get some entertainment at least.  Here is a link to that information.   Lowes also has Build and Grow Workshops for Kids, scheduled for February 9 and February 23.  More info on those programs is here.

This is an easy, but critically important thing we can do that might make a big difference in our lives.



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2 responses to “Smoke Detector Time

  1. Don’t forget to add a carbon monoxide detector in with your smoke detectors. There are lots of families that end up seriously ill every year because they didn’t know they had elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their home.

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