If It EVER Stops Snowing

February is the worst month in Michigan for weather.  Fortunately, it is short (although that leap year business adds one extra day) and there is enough going on to keep us busy.

Check out Big Binder’s Calendar for some ideas to keep you busy; assuming you can get out of your driveway. If you’ve already given up on your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight; make sure you take a peek at Free Pancake Day and Free Pretzel Day.

If you didn’t go this past week; try and get to the Adventures in the Tropics at Meijer Gardens next Monday.  We went last week and it was so fun, the kids loved it and have been talking about the ‘mystery animal’ since then.  They have to use different clues (very age appropriate) to figure out the animal.  The kids will hear stories, do crafts, do gross motor activites, and have a snack to get the clues. Plus, you get to go into the tropical garden and pretend it’s warm for a minute.

If you need ideas for ongoing stuff; check out this post I wrote with winter activities around town.  Here’s to a good month!


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