Catch A Flick

Popcorn ThemeMy suggestion for today’s Sanctuary Sunday is directly related to the noise level in my life recently.  My sweet A.P. who didn’t talk until he was almost three now never shuts up. And Maybelle – I swear, and my sister will back me on this, that she started ‘talking’ in the hospital about 12 hours after she was born.

Yelling ManThey are not the only source of noise.  I have a dog whose decline into senility is evidenced by barking at nothing. All the time. Being one of the 11 people who actually watch Public Access, I called Comcast to get a digital converter box so we would not lose those channels when they move them from analog to digital.  An injunction beat me to it, temporarily at least, but the box was in-house by then and my husband couldn’t stand it.  We get the $13 a month package and he was hoping some sort of Cable Genie would fly out of the box as well and hook him up with some free channels. No such luck; in fact we no longer get whatever channel showed “Ninja Warrior” (kind of like a Japanese Ironman) nor do we get ESPN 2. He seems to think that this new box is voice activated, because he keps yelling at it.

There are a few options. As long as I can go alone, I’m good.  Naturally, it has to be inexpensive.  Adventure Mom occasionally does movie reviews.  She is going to have a baby in about a minute though so her movie days may come to a halt for a while. I have nothing to offer in the review category, but I can tell you where the cheap seats are.

  • Celebration Cinema at Woodland Mall has $3.50 for all seats, all shows.
  • On Sunday nights, Studio 28 has movies for $2.94. 
  • Celebration Cinema South has movies on Sunday for $2.97.
  • The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art offers a free movie on Sunday afternoon from January through April.  More details are here.

That ought to be enough to get you going.  You’ll know me if you see me.  I’ll be the one sitting alone, with a bucket of popcorn the size of a bathtub in my lap. But I will be smiling…



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3 responses to “Catch A Flick

  1. You may also be the one who got a theatre for free because they weren’t showing any movies that day. You just wanted to sit alone in the dark and quiet 🙂 Now there’s an idea….

  2. hotomom

    I told JT about the Ninja Warrior part of your post, he was intrigued (being 1/2 Japanese) he now catches it regularly. I don’t even remember what it’s like to see a movie BTW. 🙂

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