Cold Enough For Ya?

Well, we braved the snow and headed down to the museum for the Ethnic Festival this morning. I thought the weather might be a deterrent to this free admission day (meaning, yipee! no crowds!), but apparently one thing uniting our diverse community is a combination of hardiness and frugality unknown to most climates.  The place was packed.

Even the parking ramp was full.  Let me just clear up one  point that apparently caused some confusion for a few folks.  A Dodge Durango is not a compact car. The reason the sign says, “Compact Car Only” is because if you park your Durango there, you are taking up two spaces.  There are lots of big car spots; and think of what a deal they are – the same price as a small spot! Those ‘compact car only’ spots are for people with little (hence the word ‘compact’) cars, such as Chevettes, or sweet rides like mine

Фото Plymouth Acclaim 2.5 a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim.

On the way out, a museum employee taught Maybelle to find the elevator button with the bell on it, so she ‘alarmed’ the whole way down.  Oh the elevator crowd thought it was so funny, but I’m certain that every elevator we get into from here on out will have an alarm sounded.

EmergencyThis is my second elevator incident with her. You can read about the first one here.  I think it’s time to start hoofing it on the stairs.

We headed over to Breton Village Mall and met up with our friends from Good Idea Momma.  The steel drum band was more a solo act, but the kids loved it anyway.  A.P. has inexplicably picked up a Teddy Pendergrass  move recently he felt would work well with the steel drum sound.  We got some mardi gras beads, balloons, a t-shirt, and coffee mug just for hanging around. 

Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction JunctionI have nothing to make for Make Something Saturday because my kids were whipped by the time we got home.  They just watched the “Schoolhouse Rock” video we checked out from the library earlier this week, had dinner, and went to bed.

PreschoolRock.comHowever, I do want to offer a resource if you are looking for activities and crafts for your young kids.  It’s called Preschool Rock and it’s relatively new, but it has really added a lot of content in the past year.  I signed up for the email newsletter and almost always find something fun for the kids.

Where was Mr. Binder today? Well, he headed down to Kalamazoo for an “Old House” trade show with my Dad that they both found a little lacking.  My husband forgot his wallet, so my Dad paid his admission, bought him lunch, and also some brake cables for his bike. 

They did learn that a crockpot works wonders for getting paint off of tools, so I am planning on buying a new one soon.  I have already unwillingly donated several kitchen items for such purposes, including my rolling pin.  Apparently this is great for laying linoleum.  He tried (unsuccessfully) to sand all of the adhesive off and return it to me, but told him he could have it in case the need arose again. “Don’t they have a tool for that?” was my question.  My husband said in fact, they did! Hey! He had one on the garage, he just forgot…


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  1. Why would a museum employee teach a child where the alarm bell button is!?!?! That person must not have children.

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