Adventures in the Tropics

A.P.’s preschool had a little flyer about an event at Meijer Gardens that looks like SO much fun!  I have to share in case you haven’t heard about it.

It’s called Adventures in the Tropics: Preschool Family Night and there are two times it will occur; January 28th and February 4th, both from 5:30-7:oo PM.  This is probably the priciest event I have ever talked about (given that most of them are free or almost free) – a whole $12 for the family but I still think it’s a good deal.  You have a few weeks to save your pennies 🙂

You get admission to the Gardens and the program events for that amount, so I think it’s a good deal. We went to one last year, and it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt.  There are clues about some animal, then at the end you get to ‘meet’ him or her.  It’s a real animal, not some guy in a costume. You do have to RSVP so check the website for all of the details.  Here is the link.

I heard recently that Michigan won the national prize for most people leaving the state.  I know much of that is job-related; but in case it’s because you just hate winter here I am determined to keep you entertained so you stay put.



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3 responses to “Adventures in the Tropics

  1. Thank you for this! We definitely will be going!

  2. I don’t know… “tropics”, “gardens” and Michigan in winter? Seems like a non sequitar to me. LOL

    My DH and I had a scout function at Great Wolf Lodge last night. It was our first time going into the place. (Pretty neat–very family–kind of Disneyfied.) When we left, I thought, you know between this place and Cabela’s (a camping, hunting, etc. store), you could have a great wilderness vacation without ever going outdoors!

  3. Ha! Well, rest assured the entire event takes place indoors. There is a beautiful indoor tropical garden, it is really amazing. It’s very warm in there :)There is a ‘desert’ room, and several different climates you can visit and see the different flora.

    Yeah, who needs to go outside until about June anyway?

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