5 responses to “Easy For Moms, Fun For Kids?

  1. Thank you for saying this: sometimes I feel like the weirdest hippy granola nut case on our block for being concerned about commercials and advertising and what it can do to kids. I know that my kids, 2 and 3 years old, would currently prefer the making of pizza rolls to buying some pre-packaged, but I know the day will come when they want something just for the sell job that was done on them. [heavy sigh]

  2. OK. I am stepping up on my soapbox. One the best books I read when my youngest was little was: Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture by Juliet B. Schor. She shows how advertisers target young kids directly and consistently, appeal to them and not the adults in their lives and get their product name in their heads from as early an age as possible. From TV shows and toys to video games, snacks and clothing, kids today, according to Schor, know too much yet understand too little, sopping up subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages of “buy, buy, buy.” Drawing on a significant body of research, including interviews with everyone from advertising executives to the kids themselves, Schor exposes what she believes to be a huge cesspool of materialism, consumerism and commercialization that could be, and perhaps already is, leading to a generation of kids with no concept of what is important and truly necessary in life. By offering up her own ideas of what can be done by parents, educators, advertisers and others to lessen these problems, Schor goes beyond uncovering the problem and into the realm of concrete solutions. Other than my hanna addiction, I try to brainwash my kids into believing what I tell them. So far it is working, but it is tough. Good for you! OK, I’m stepping down.

  3. thediaperdiaries

    I am also a freak about this. For us TV is majorly minimized and when it is watched it is PBS and Noggin (both commercial free). As far as food that is hard cause they are stickin characters on EVERYTHING. The only one I appreciate is Green Giant who puts them on veggies. That being said, my daughter can spy Golden Arches from miles away so I am not sure I am doing the best job either. I think we can do little things that hopefully make a difference.

  4. Stop over and check out Parents for Ethical Marketing. It may be just the blog you are looking for. And we’re always looking for new voices to join us.

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