MLK Unity Bracelets

The Winter BazaarThis week we are starting to put our plans together for the Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday party we are throwing.  In addition to regular birthday party events (mainly, a birthday cake and singing), we will have the kids make their own favors at the party.

The Grand Rapids Public Library did this last year and even at 3 A.P. was very into this activity.  The materials are easy to find and it’s easy to set up, too – always a bonus with the young crowd.

You will need (for each bracelet):

  • 5 plastic black beads with fairly large holes
  • 5 plastic white beads with fairly large holes
  • plastic ‘string’

Cut the plastic into about 10 inch pieces; each child will need one.

Use a dixie cup or small bowl and put each childs’ beads in it.  Tie a knot in one end, and let them put the beads on as the string.  Tie it for them so it will slip easily on and off of their wrists, but will not come apart.

You can also incorporate other colors if you choose.  Explain to the children that the beads represent people who look different, but together make a beautiful bracelet.

For more seasonal ideas, check out Scribbit’s Winter Bazaar.



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4 responses to “MLK Unity Bracelets

  1. I like the explanation of the beauty that is created when different colors (people) are put together. Great craft!

  2. I can see this being a great idea for homeschoolers–though even my kindergartner would get into it.

  3. Can I come to your party?

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