I Had Yesterdog – Yesterday

The kids and I met up with some good friends for lunch yesterday at Nantucket Baking Company.  Both of us had eaten the pizza as takeout before, and wanted to try it ‘in-house’.  I got there first and peeked behind the bakery counter. The conversation was as follows:

NBC: Umm, can we help you ma’am?

BigBinder: Yes, I was wondering how to get to the pizzeria? Is there another entrance?

NBC: The what now?

BigBinder: (starting feel stupid) The, uh, pizzeria? With tables? And… chairs?

NBC: We don’t have a seating area, it’s take out only.

Well then.  Hard as it was to walk away from that pizza, with three hungry kids and a downpour outside the idea of simply buying a pizza and wolfing it down in the bakery wasn’t very practical.  We headed instead into Eastown for some Yesterdog.

Here are my tips for eating there with kids:

  1. Know what you want when you get up to the counter and let nothing distract you from placing an order.  This includes your child falling off of a stool.  These guys are not messing around about hot dogs.
  2. While cheese on a hot dog sounds like a good idea to a 4 year old who has never had this particular delicacy, once their Chedardog arrives and ‘looks funny’ you will end up scraping it off anyway, so just get plain ones for anyone under about 10.
  3. Head to the back of the restaurant – there is a big booth back there and works well for kids.

I love Yesterdog and feel quite neglectful that I haven’t taken the kids there until now.  For you out-of-towners; you might know Yesterdog from the based on East Grand Rapids movie “American Pie” (not one to watch with the kids) except it was called “Dog Years” there.  If you are like some and just can’t get enough, a documentary is available about the place.  There is even a trailer you can watch.  Fascinating. And tasty…



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4 responses to “I Had Yesterdog – Yesterday

  1. I drive by this place all the time, but my car seems to steer itself across the street to Szechuan Garden, my favorite Chinese Food. However, I must try this out! I’ve lived here in GR now for almost 14 years and still have yet had their dogs! What a shame!

  2. adventuremom

    Ok, so hubby and I took the kids there after a first time trip with our kids to the public museum. I have to say that I have not been there since I have had kids. Hubby and I realized that we have outgrown this place since we usually only went at 2am prekids. My oldest – J refused to sit in the ripped benches and did not appreciate the squashed bun and hotdog trying to pass itself off as lunch. I started looking around myself and thought, I am too old for this and hubby agreed. Sorry to be Debbie Downer.

  3. Oh Nantucket Bakery (sigh)

  4. Cleavermama

    UMMMMMMMMMM-Hello its Yesterdog! This household loves this place still, mostly without kids. But the way the bun is so squishy! Yummy!

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