Oh, Dear

My husband is a very friendly person.  He has also been bugging me to start advertising on Big Binder.  These two facts are critical in understanding the rest of this post.

While in St. Louis, for whatever reason Mr. Binder wandered over to talk to our friends’ neighbor, who happened to be standing in his yard.  He had a sign on a metal stake that declared it a “Poop Free Zone” with a picture of a dog (apparently in case there is any question about who is not to poop in the yard).

A brief negotiation later and my husband “scored” a free sign in exchange for a mention on my blog. This has nothing to do with Grand Rapids, or children, unless of course your children are dogs and poop on yards in Grand Rapids.

This is for real.  In fact, it is highly effective.  We have not had any ‘incidents’ since the sign was posted.  Granted we were under several feet of snow for the majority of that time, but still. So, if anyone reading this happens to find themselves in a position of needing such a sign, here is a link to the neighbor’s website and you can order one there.  My husband has been demoted from Advertising Sales Manager to Water Boy unless he happens to get chatty next time with a spa owner who wants to fork over some free services though.


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2 responses to “Oh, Dear

  1. For years I have been threatening to put such a sign in my yard – I just had no idea that they were commercially made anywhere. When we first moved into our house 5 years ago it was my biggest complaint in the Spring…nothing like finding 4 month old doody that’s been kept fresh under the snow that doesn’t belong to anyone in your house animal or human.

  2. I guess I will have to stop Anson from pooping on your lawn now. We had never noticed a sign before, sorry for the inconvenience. That’s what happens when your kids runs the streets naked, I guess.

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