It’s Fun To Play


I am not so much a “New Year’s Resolution” sort of person.  Don’t get me wrong – I make resolutions all the time but whether  it is December 31, January 1, or July 15th has no bearing on it.

I know that a very common resolution is to ‘get in shape’.  If this is on your list of things to accomplish in 2008 there are tons of gyms around.  Those of us that need babysitting have a shorter list, but there are still many to choose from.  We like the Y for a few reasons. 

First, it’s quite reasonable and they offer financial assistance to families making under about $50,000. 

Second, the downtown pool is awesome for kids. There is a graduated ‘beach’ entry, sprinklers, and a current.  Although this is an awesome building, I usually go only if I plan on taking the kids for a swim. My children do not know that the other locations have pools, so please don’t mention it to them. Otherwise, I would have to take them swimming every time I go to any branch.

Third, if you get bored with your location, just go to another branch for a while.  Yes it might be a drive, but it’s better than giving up on the whole workout thing alltogether.  A membership allows you to go to any of the Grand Rapids area branches.

Fourth, the extras are also quite reasonable.  This includes swimming or other classes for the kids and babysitting evenings so you can go out on a date with your spouse once in a while (perhaps another resolution of yours?).

Check it out! It might be a little crowded for a while, but don’t worry.  That only lasts about six weeks and everyone goes back to their old ways 🙂



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