Big Binder, Where Have You Been?

I know… it’s been a while.  I trust that you all had as many celebrations to participate in as I did and scarecly noticed my blogging negligence.  No sooner had I climbed my way out from beneath a pile of new toys and discarded wrapping paper did I realize I had exactly 4 minutes to pack for our trip.  We arrived Friday looking a lot like the Clampetts at our friends’ house in St. Louis.  We got home last night, after driving through that nice snow storm that shut down a bunch of flights in Chicago. We had SO MUCH FUN (except for the storm) and I want to blog about it now, but patience my pets.  Today it is time to move onto another celebration.

In my house, there are two major holidays.  First and foremost is Easter.  I may bemoan the loss of the true meaning of Christmas, what with all of the pagan/materialistic influences – but give me some chocolate and cute bunnies when I should be focusing on resurrection and I am totally excited.

Our second major holiday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  This is thanks to A.P., who has been fascinated with MLK for half of his life (that would be two years).  You will hear more from me about how to make this day meaningful for young children over the next couple of weeks. 

To begin, there are a few really good media items you can start showing kids now to begin talking about Martin Luther King, Jr.  The book “The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.” by Johnny Ray Moore is a board book.  It’s a great introduction for the real young ones.  The second book I recommend is “Martin’s Big Words” by Doreen Rappaport.  It’s still geared towards little kids, but has a little more content than the board book.

Last, there is a video available called, “My Friend Martin”.  Think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, with a strong social message. On second thought; “Be excellent to each other” wasn’t bad. Well, this one is a cartoon anyway.  Two modern day kids go back in time and befriend a young Martin, then follow him through is life.

The actual day his birthday is celebrated this year is Monday, January 21.  Until then, you will see a reminder on Big Binder in the sidebar.  For other seasonal ideas, check out Scribbit’s Winter Bazaar.





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4 responses to “Big Binder, Where Have You Been?

  1. amber m.

    You are hilarious…always on the look-out for a great book that will hopefully teach something to my kids…and me too…

  2. Love “be excellent to each other” 🙂

  3. Jackie

    Welcome home Big Binder! I missed you!!

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