Feature Friday Fun

This is also on my calendar, but I want to highlight something fun and cheap for kids to do when it starts to get cold outside.  Kentwood Recreation has “Bouncin’ Babies & Tumblin Todders Time” each Friday (excluding holidays) from 10:00AM through noon.  It is for kids 6 years and under, and is $1 per child.  They just open up the gym and let the kids run amok. The staff is very friendly, and will get chairs out for the moms (and occasional dad, or grandparent) to sit and chat it up with the other moms carefully watch their children play. 

They have a few toys on hand too; mostly balls and some baby stuff but you can bring your own. If you are really ambitious, like my friend Jill, you can even bring bikes and scooters for your kids.  Or, you can be lazy like me and let your kids borrow bikes from the other kids.  If this is your game-plan, my advice is to bring a snack to share so you don’t look like a total mooch.

It goes by quick, and guarantees a nap for anyone under three and at least a little rest time from the older crew. Kentwood Rec is at 355 48th Street and the number is 656-5270.  Where is 48th Street? That’s a good question, and I have to hunt for it every time I go.  It runs between Division and Eastern, if that helps.  Once you find it though, it’s perfect playtime for the six months out of the year that weather outside is frightful!


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