The Last Thing You Need

I am certain that no one is in short supply of things to do right now, but just in case… don’t forget to check Big Binder’s Calendar (there is a tab up at the top of the page) for fun stuff in the upcoming weeks.

One highlight is the Grand Rapids Symphony Lollipop concert in January.  It will be Peter and the Wolf this time, and if you haven’t been, you really should! Before the show, the musicians let the kids get an up-close look at their instruments and the entire performance is fun for kids while sneaking in some musical education to boot.

It’s really reasonably priced, too.  The tickets are $5 per person and it’s all general admission so get there early for a good seat.  You know I can’t pass up an opportunity to save money so I’ll also tell you that if you order off the website, you will pay Ticketmaster fees.  Ugh! Stick it to the Ticketmaster; that’s the Man if there ever was one.  

A better choice is to call the Symphony direct and order (using a credit card).  The number is 454-9451 and you will just pay a $1 fee per ticket.  Or, if you are downtown you can just buy tickets at the Symphony offices (300 Ottawa, Suite 100 across from Calder Plaza) and pay no service fees.  Parking may outweigh your cost savings unless you’re downtown for something else.

You can also buy tickets at the door for no extra fee, but remember you’ll be waiting in line for tickets, then waiting in line for seats, then sitting for a 1/2 hour or so during the performance and if your kids are anything like mine this combination will not float.

Check out the other stuff in the Calendar too, I’m updating constantly!


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