Are You Smarter Than A… Marketing Department?

Yes, it’s been a long time.  I figured I had better come out swinging and give you all some REALLY good information to make up for it. So here it is… the Pennance Post.

As you know, I have been working a seasonal job.  It has been a great experience and I have loved it (except the part where I forgot what my husband looked like, and not having any time to horse around or more importantly.. to blog).  But really, why did I work?


I used to be in sales, and I got really ‘good’ when I figured out I could sell any product if it would do one of two things for a company.  First, if it could increase revenues.  This is equivalent to my getting a job – and bringing more money into our household.  The other thing I could do was decrease expenditures, or save a company money.

This is where Savings Angel comes in.  The expenditure with the most flexibility in a household is food.  Start planning meals, and you have saved by not having to run to the store every night or eat out.  Start using the grocery ads to plan your meals, and you have two steps down.. now you are making meals with ‘sale’ items.  Add coupons and you’re really cooking with gas. 

Prior to discovering Savings Angel, this is where I was.  I fancied myself a pretty frugal grocery shopper, and I was right.  I did experience some frustration though when I would get to a store, my fistful of coupons in hand, and see that an item for which I had a coupon at home was on an un-advertised sale.  Grr! Even worse, when I was in line behind someone with coupons I had never seen before.  Where did they come from? Don’t we all get the same coupons in the Sunday paper?

I mentioned previously that I tried a service which lists all unadvertised sales and suggests when to ‘stock up’ on an item at its lowest price.  I found too many errors and it wasn’t worth the price, in my opinion. I loved the concept though, and kept searching.  I found Savings Angel and LOVE IT. 

You get a listing of all sales, unadvertised and advertised for Walgreens, Rite Aid, Family Fare, and Meijer.  You get a list of coupons to match the sales, bringing the prices down even more.  This includes coupons from magazines and online printable coupons in addition to the Sunday paper.  For me, it is a timesaver and a money saver. 

If you are interested, try it here.  You get a two week free trial, and don’t have to give a credit card for the trial.  After that, it’s just under $5 a week.  In my experience, it has been more than worth it.

Oh yeah, the best part? It’s a West Michigan thing so it appeals to my ‘local’ sensibilities.  No one knows how to pinch a penny like West Michigan, and now we have have another tool.


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