Tasty – Uhhh, Thursday?

Burrito, Taco

The other night at work, I stayed late to finish a project.  My boss, Cleaver Mama, absolutely loves “On The Border“.  She had some leftover chips laying around.  I was alone.  I was hungry.  I figured they were fair game. Also, she is too busy to read my blog right now so I’ll tell you all… I ate the chips.

The need for more chips was the main reason for choosing On The Border as the weekly lunch date with my kids. The secondary reason was that I had a coupon.  Do you know how cheap I am? The coupon was for $5 off a $20 meal.  I went online before we left, looked up the menu, and figured out how close I could get to $20.  

I had fajitas. My kids were so excited about the ‘assembly’ aspect of it they wrapped everything in my tortillas.  Corn dog? Wrap it up.  Guacamole? Yup.  A few french fries? Mmm! I would seriously recommend that On the Border develop some type of Kid Friendly Fajita meal, similar to the ‘make your own pizza’ deal at Pietros.  Just do away with those sizzling hot plates for the kids and I think it would be a big hit. 

Our waitress was wonderful.  She was a Napkin Ninja; quietly swooping in and delivering more napkins before I needed them. She very discretely told me the kids’ meals came with desert if I wanted them to have it. It was a small (but perfectly sized) ice cream sundae with one scoop of ice cream, a little tiny bit of chocolate syrup, about a tablespoon of whipped cream, and a cherry.

And the coupon? The bill came to $20.07 – $5.00 = $15.07. Stick with me, kid.  I love a good deal. And chips.


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  1. Love those cheap bills. My entertainment book helped me out with dinner last night for a free entree from The Brandywine…and I didn’t have to cook (another thing I love!).

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