Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat

The Winter Bazaar

A few months ago, I bought a children’s book by Naomi Howland with this title.  It is a Chanukah Story about a pan that keeps frying up latkes until the secret words are spoken to make it stop.  It’s a neat, old folk story that appears in different cultures with a different form.  It’s the same story as Strega Nona, but with latkes instead of pasta.

We’ve been reading this book over and over for a while.  Now, we are going to make our own Latkes as Chanukah starts in about a week.  My kids have very little exposure to Judaism, and what better way to connect with another culture than by food?  You could also try teaching your children the art of kvetching, like one of my friends did but I think I will stick with the potato pancakes.

Unless you have a magic pan, you will need to fry them up yourself so obviously the kids can’t help with that part.  The easiest way to make them is simply to use a box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix.  It’s in the ‘ethnic’ section of pretty much every grocery store in town. 


Simply follow the directions on the box, and serve with applesauce. If you need some, head over to my house because I still have a freezer full of it.

For more seasonal ideas, head over to Scribbit’s Winter Bazaar.



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2 responses to “Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat

  1. My grandmother is polish and she used to make potato pancakes, which seem very similar and were delicious. You’re right about connecting through food . . .

  2. debmomof3

    My mom used to make these every year – although I never liked them, I still remember helping her make them. 🙂

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