An Award I Won! And One I Didn’t.


Well, get this! I’ve been give the Wise Owl Award from my pal at The Diaper Diaries.  I am truly flattered, thank you! I would agree that I have been given a good deal of wisdom. Unfortunately, I would also have to agree with anyone who says that it is underutilized a good portion of the time.

Here is an award I will most certainly NOT need to worry about writing an acceptance speech for.  That would be Mother of the Year.  Yesterday, while I was having a brief meeting in the lobby of the Health Department, Maybelle pushed the elevator button, and stepped on when the doors opened.  They closed, she went up a floor, and got off. 

This was about the time I noticed she wasn’t standing by me anymore. 

Poor A.P. was in complete distress.  The person I was meeting with very kindly went up to the next floor to retrieve her, and I stayed put in case she came back down on her own.  A few moments later, she emerged from the elevator, all smiles.  Just going for a little ride, you know how it is.  Or hopefully you keep better track of your children and you don’t know how it is. Wise? Maybe. Observant? Not so much.



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5 responses to “An Award I Won! And One I Didn’t.

  1. thediaperdiaries

    ooh, I am going to have to get a judges ruling on whether or not you may keep your award or forfeit it to the first runner up.

  2. As I was reading this, I felt your panic. At least the little angels that were watching her kept her entertained!

  3. hotomom

    Oooh, I always wonder if this will happen to me because of my little elevator button pushers, I am so glad she was alright.

  4. hotomom

    If you get a minute, check out my post from tonight. I hope it makes you smile.

  5. I can see Maybelle’s smiles as the doors opened on her return trip. 🙂 We all have our not so good Mommy moments…it happens to us all, and gives us something to remember to keep us on our toes until the next time our kids decide to see how closely we are paying attention. That and it gives us something to tell our kids when they grow up!

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