What? More Books?

Earlier this month, when Christmas seemed waaaay far away, I wrote a “Recall Free Christmas List for Young Grand Rapidians“.  I have an addition to that list, and I will add it to my Calendar as well.

Twice a year, the Scholastic warehouse in Caledonia has a huge book sale (8280 Broadmoor SE – look for the big Clifford truck.  It’s on the east side of the road).  There are a few intermittent smaller sales during the year too, but in my opinion they aren’t really worth it. The May and December sales are the biggies. 

If you are among those of us who clip coupons, use a budget, but have no qualms whatsoever about spending endless amounts of money on children’s books, come to this sale!

The sale is Thursday, 12/06/2007 through Wednesday, 12/19/2007.  The specific dates and times are:

  • Thurs & Fri, Dec 6 & 7, 9-7
  • Sat, Dec 8 & 15, 9-3, Closed Sundays
  • Mon-Fri, Dec 10-14, 9-7
  • Mon-Wed, Dec 17-19, 9-5

As usual, I have a strategy. 

First; I go without children.  This is a warehouse, with shelves full of books. For whatever reason, pulling stacks of books off of these shelves  it is completely irresistable to children. No problem; put them in the cart, right? Whatever.  These are very small carts.  I have one child who is very coordinated and can climb out, and one who is very clumsy and falls out. 

Next, I get the most for my money. If you ‘sign up’ for a Fast Cart Pass on the website ahead of time you can get a coupon for $10 off of a minimum $50 purchase.  Take a calculator and paper so you can keep track of what you have spent and when you get to $50, stop. 

If you spend more than $50, the percentage you are getting off goes down.  Try and get as close to that $50 mark as possible. The books are half off the cover price so $50 buys a LOT of books.  Restrain yourself. There will be another sale in May. This is your mantra. 

I can’t always say this for Big Binder. but I have good news even for those of you who don’t live in Grand Rapids! There are warehouse sales all over the country! Just click on your state to see if there are any near you. 



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3 responses to “What? More Books?

  1. Be still my heart – there’s one near me in December. Mine is only for certain professions/people – luckily my profession is on the list: librarian – are the MI ones restricted too?

  2. I KNEW I liked you!! No wonder, you’re a librarian! Some people have therapists, some people have bartenders; I have librarians.

    To answer your question; in our area, there are two options to register. One is for specific professions, but there is also an option for parents.

    I think that some areas that require a profession to register have a ‘school volunteer’ category. If this is the case, get those Box Tops for Education in and declare yourself a volunteer 🙂

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