When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…

A cook at Mongolian BBQ.  This is what AP has been telling us since we took him there this weekend.  I had planned to go today for Tasty Tuesday; but my husband got a little jealous when he caught wind of the Red Robin excursion that didn’t include him so we made it a family trip.

I used my free birthday entree, so it was not very expensive at all.  The rest of my family enjoyed it a lot more than I did, so I will focus on that and not the salad bar full of raw meat (you choose the ingredients for your meal, then take it over to the grill where it is cooked for you) with people breathing all over it, or the shuffling around and trying to keep up with your meal while it is being cooked, or getting some random piece of shrimp in your dinner that wanders over from another person’s meal while on the grill. 

No, my kids loved it because they got ‘fancy’ chopsticks.  These are plastic; therefore much better than the crappy wooden ones we get everywhere else.  Of course, the biggest thrill came when the cooks tossed their giant tong things up in the air and then… sit down for this… CAUGHT THEM.  This really sent A.P. over the edge and he has been practicing on any toy, stick, bat, etc. he can find in hopes of edging out the competition.

My husband loves being able to ‘experiment’ with different concoctions and combinations.  He also likes to watch his food being cooked in front of him.  This is a very different experience than he has at home, mainly because the cooks aren’t also trying to answer the phone, let the dog out, find a sippy cup, let the dog in, and mop up the olive oil spilled by the little chefs in training.

I like it a little less chaotic when I go out, but the rest of my family loved this place and A.P. and Mr. Binder have plans to return next month.  Remember parents, it’s never too early to start career planning with your children.  Think of what we could do with his college fund instead? OK we don’t really have much of a college fund yet, but still…



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3 responses to “When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…

  1. Save the chopsticks, they make great knitting needles! Oh! and I have an award for you!

  2. I think I probably would agree with you on that restaurant. I’ve never been there either but I’m not a great lover of chinese food so I’m guessing this wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

  3. I kinda have to agree with you, it’s very noisy in there (even without many patrons)….and I had a bad experience with their bar the last time I went. They served a Cosmopolitan in a wine glass…bad choice to make for the girl that loves a good Cosmo.

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