7 responses to “Easier Grocery Shopping With Children

  1. thediaperdiaries

    My tip: Go on Thurs. when you have childcare. Yeah, not a great ti, but seriously, children are not meant to go grocery shopping.

    Ok, my other tip is give them a list with pictures and have them help. Or let them put things in the cart for you and take them out on the belt when you are checking out. My kids both seem to get very excited about either of these.

  2. I was going to suggest the picture thing too. We haven’t done it though.
    I usually go when “Nathan” (that’s what he wants to change his name to, so I’m using it) is in school. They seem to behave better as 2 than 3.

  3. I stopped taking Clare on major bi-weekly shopping trips about 2 years ago. It was just too much for me. I mainly go now when she’s in school, I can usually get 1 good trip to the store then back home to unload before I have to return to school.

    The other thing we do on occasion….is family grocery shopping on the weekend. It’s a bit of a pain because my hubby tends to add to the cart when unnecessary, but it’s worth it sometimes to have the extra hands to keep Clare in line.

  4. I’m embarrassed to say that this is my big tip, but here it is: for some reason, as long as my kids have crackers to eat while we’re at the store, they are pretty good (they’re 3 and almost 2). I give them those little bags of ritz crackers, and they are reserved for the grocery trips: oooh, special treats! I am in a fairly isolated place, so we will probably get video carts by the time my kids are in junior high. We do have the car carts w/o video, and those worked really well for a while, but now my two just barely fit in the car, and once they’re wearing their winter clothes it will definitely be over. I don’t know what we’ll do them. I am not ready for my 3 y.o. to walk with me.

    I’ve been meaning to do the picture grocery list. I think that my big girl is ready for that to be a big incentive to be good.

    Sorry: I’ve been no help here, I’m afraid. I was just so excited to find out I wasn’t the only one! Today I took them both, and they were sick and hadn’t slept well. And I tried to do parcel pick up for the first time ever, and my kid started screaming because she thought her sandwich was lost forever. Good times!

    My really really best tip was that I used to go to WW, then do the grocery shop while my mom watched the girls.

  5. Sarah

    It is good to know I’m not alone in this struggle too!

    The first time I told my husband I was no longer able to take my 2 year old grocery shopping, I left them home and within an hour I got a call to see if I was done yet. Geez… Men must just perceive this as shopping (new clothes or food to sustain the family – shopping is shopping).

    Sadly, junk food is what keeps my son in the cart. We start with a donut and usually get a bag of chips too before we are done. I like when the (male) cashiers who ask, “did you know this bag is open?” Duh 🙂

  6. 1. I make them stay in the cart as many years as is humanly possible.
    2. I tell them that if they whine for it, they ain’t gettin’ it (and I mean it, too).
    3. I make sure they have napped/peed/eaten, as appropriate, before leaving for the store.
    4. I spend as little time as possible. (I type up a sort of map of the grocery store that I always go to. It lists all the things we might buy in the order that I would come across them in the store. I post this on the fridge door and circle things as I find I need them. Then I take that list to the store. I can be in and out in a flash–no back and forths across the store. I just go straight down the list as I walk through the store. I guess this doesn’t help if you are not in your usual store, though.)
    5. If it gets bad enough, then I leave. Is your short-term convenience more or less important than teaching your children to behave and that you mean what you say?
    6. Remember that this too shall pass. It will be a very short time before you are asking them to please go to the store with you so they can help!

    What if you went at night after the kids are in bed? Maybe your hubby wouldn’t count it as a babysitting “favor” if they are asleep?

  7. debbie

    I don’t understand the husband “babysitting mentality”. When a mom is watching her kids, is she babysitting? My solution would be to tell your husband if he wants to eat, he either has to watch the kids while you shop or do the shopping himself. Shopping with small children is too stressful.

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