Try Something Else Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday has been pre-empted by the aforementioned lack of funding on the party of the first part.

Earlier, I tried to find a listing of restaurants that offer some kind of “Kids Eat Free” with the purchase of an adult meal deal.  While I did find some; none of them were places I wanted to buy a meal from, so I skipped it.

Any suggestions for future fiscal shortcomings? I am not so hot on Denny’s unless I get in my time machine and go back about 10 years. It’s perfect ‘after the bar’ food.

I started thinking about kids who never get to go out to eat. Not because they are so naughty their parents can’t stand to take them; but because their parents can’t afford it – ever.  And then I started thinking about kids who, on a daily basis, don’t get enough to eat, and I got really sad.  Kids not having enough to eat breaks my heart.  This happens to one in five children every day.  Think of how many children you know that don’t go hungry. Now think of how many that means do.

A friend of mine recently told me about Kids Food Basket and it was on my mind a lot today. They give out ‘sack suppers’ to elementary aged kids who are at risk for not getting dinner any other way.  It is a volunteer organization, and they hand out the sacks right at schools.  Nothing fancy is in these bags; just simple sandwiches and snacks. 

I hope that on occasion, Big Binder gives you some ideas about things you can do with your kids.  Today I want to ask you to do something for someone else’s kids.  Take a few minutes to read over the Kids Food Basket and learn more about it.  There is a donation page on their website if you are interested. A donation of less than one dollar will feed one child a sack lunch.

I leave you this evening as very humbled woman.  No, my kids didn’t get their weekly restaurant fix – but they ate dinner, and will be nourished tomorrow as well.  I hope yours did too.  Take a minute to think about the kids who didn’t; and please do what you can.



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3 responses to “Try Something Else Tuesday

  1. thediaperdiaries

    Thank you for promoting a very worthy organization.

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