What’s The Word?

Albertus Xavier Hedgeworth III (a.k.a. Hedge from “Come On Over!”) teaches kids all about learning language.  He makes a ‘Good Word List’, and advises kids to look words up in the dictionary that they don’t know.

Hedge is the subject of today’s trivia contest.  You can find the answer on the “Come On Over!” Website. How many brothers and sisters does Hedge have?

Send me an email at bigbinderblog@gmail.com with your answer to enter. If you need to review the contest rules, click here to read Monday’s post.

Today is the last day of the contest.  Don’t forget to watch the show tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM on WOTV4. Winners will be announced tomorrow after the season premiere of “Come On Over!” right here on Big Binder.

Good luck! Thanks for playing!

 “Come On Over!” © 2007 Enthusiastic Productions, LLC-founded by the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and artist Joel Tanis (In JEST Ideas, LLC).

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