“Come On Over!”

I’m sure as parents of young kids you are all familiar with the locally produced show, “Come On Over!”.  This is such a great show; it originally launched in October 2006 and is already the winner of 6 Michigan Emmy ® Awards.  

Lucky us! After hard work filming episodes late this summer, “Come On Over!” returns this Saturday, October 20 at 7:30 AM on WOTV4 with a special premiere episode Wednesday, October 17th at 7:00PM.

To celebrate, Big Binder is having a week long contest with great giveaways generously provided by Enthusiastic Productions, LLC and the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.  The prizes are:

  • “Come On Over!” children’s t-shirt
  • “Come On Over!” adult t-shirt
  • “Come On Over!” CD
  • “Come On Over!” DVD
  • Family four pack admission to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

Each prize includes a cute “Come On Over!”goodie bag as well!

Today I’ll make it easy. To enter, simply take a peek at the “Come On Over!” Website and get familiar.  While you’re there, you can sign up for “Team Fun“.  Send me an email at bigbinderblog@gmail.com asking to be entered in today’s contest. That’s it! It will get more difficult. Tomorrow will begin the trivia contest, so get ready, get set, “Come On Over!”.

Contest  Rules:

  • This is a “Prize A Day” giveaway.  All entries must be made before 10:00PM EST Friday. 
  • One prize per household.
  • These are great prizes! You may increase your chances of winning by referring a friend.  When they enter, have them list you as a referral source using your blog name OR email address(for example, ‘Please enter me in today’s contest.  I was referred by MyMommy@email.com.  For each friend that submits an entry and lists you as a referral source, you will receive an additional entry.
  • Winners will be announced Saturday, October 20 on Big Binder immediately after the show.  Good luck!

 “Come On Over!” © 2007 Enthusiastic Productions, LLC-founded by the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and artist Joel Tanis (In JEST Ideas, LLC).



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