Tasty Tuesday – Quickly

The kids got flu shots this morning and needed a little treat for good behavior, so we swung by Wealthy Street Bakery for Tasty Tuesday.  We weren’t there long.

Both of them were a little squirrely from the shots and the addition of a baked good to their system was probably not just what the Doctor ordered.

Nor was it to the liking of the other patrons, who were busy WiFi-ing on their laptops and conducting Important Meetings at other tables.  I had no idea this would be like taking children into a corporate boardroom, so we got ‘to go’ boxes and took off. 

A.P. had a really good cinnamon roll, and Maybelle chose a cookie that was about as big as her head.  I had biscotti and a coffee, and everything was very fresh and tasty.  I love a bakery that has a ‘schedule’ for its bread as it appeals to my sense of organization.

We’ll try it again, maybe in the afternoon when they start serving pizza. I have my eye on that chicken pesto pizza.  Maybe the suits will be gone by then 🙂



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2 responses to “Tasty Tuesday – Quickly

  1. Megan

    Love the cookies at WSB! I used to stop on my way to work after my monthly pre-natal appts at St. Marys.

  2. We LOVE Wealthy St. Bakery. Just remember that the pizza doesn’t start serving until after 4pm ( or at least that’s how they used to do it). The weekends are a good time to go too….not too many suits in then.

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