Smelly Sanctuary

This afternoon we went to the Blandford Nature Center’s Harvest Festival.  It was wierd. Not the festival; just the heat. It hardly seemed harvest-y.  Fall is supposed to smell a certain way – that crisp air everyone always mentions; burning leaves, apple cider, etc. You know what I am talking about.   

One of the activities at the Festival was a soap making demonstration.  I forgot all about the fact that today didn’t smell right.  This hand made soap smelled AMAZING.  Earthy, but not in a needs a shower bad patchouli way. 

I know this is not an event, or an activity, but trust me.  I always talk myself out of buying little treats like this because I think, “$3.50 for a bar of soap? That’s ridiculous.”  And it is.  But I’ve spent $3.50 or far less worthy things many, many times. Buy yourself something that smells wonderful. Life is short.  You should smell good.


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  1. I love hand made soap…I try to buy a bar at least once a year….it’s for a good cause anyway, supporting artisans in our area. This weather is wierd…it kinda has me freaked out, I think the Polar Ice Caps just lost a few extra inches.

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