Access Food Drive

world.jpgEarlier this week, I was looking at an old calendar from the year A.P. was born.  I had written down a goal for myself as a parent that I am not sure if I am doing a great job of achieving.  It said, “Teach my children to give.”

I don’t know what age kids start understanding charity.  Anyone who has a thought on this, please weigh in! I do know that my parents were always participating in some community project or another, and I just grew up accepting that being involved was a part of life.

Next weekend there is an opportunity to demonstrate to my kids – and yours – giving on a very tangible level.  The Access County Wide Food Drive is Saturday, October 13.  Access is an all-county emergency support system.

At the store next week, I am going to stock up on some of the most needed items:

  • peanut butter
  • soup
  • cereal
  • powdered milk
  • canned fruit
  • chili, navy and pinto beans
  • rice
  • pasta products
  • spaghetti sauce (not in glass jars)
  • canned meat (stew, tuna, chicken),
  • personal care products (dish, laundry, bar soap, toilet paper, diapers)
  • whole grains (bread, oatmeal, etc.)

We are going to take a trip to the pantry and each of my children will be given a bag to fill.  I will explain that there are hungry kids that need food, and ask them to fill the bags with food from our shelves. I want them to connect that we are sharing our food with other people and not just taking it from the grocery store shelf and putting it in a bag; I don’t think they’ll grasp that as giving.  Then, as a family we will drop it off.

Here are the drop off locations; the time is from 10am-2pm:

  • D&W – 6425 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
  • D&W – 1830 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids
  • D&W – 201 Marcell Dr NE, Rockford
  • D&W – 2181 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
  • D&W – 9375 Cherry Valley Ave SE, Caledonia
  • D&W – 3960 44th St SW, Grandville
  • Family Fare, Rogers Plaza – 1148 28th St SW, Wyoming
  • Family Fare – 701 68th St SW, Byron Center
  • Family Fare – 2245 84th St SW, Byron Center
  • Family Fare – 1225 Leonard St NE, Grand Rapids
  • Family Fare – 5241 Northland Dr NE, Rockford
  • Family Fare – 6127 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids
  • Family Fare – 4175 17 Mile Rd NE, Cedar Springs
  • Family Fare – 2900 Burligame SW Wyoming
  • Family Fare – 2755 Lake Michigan Dr NW
  • Byron Community Ministries, 8250 Byron Creek Dr.
  • Cornerstone United Methodist Church, 2045 68th SE
  • Faith Lutheran, 2740 Fuller Ave
  • Grace Reformed, 3330 Burlingame SW
  • John Knox Presbyterian, 4150 Kalamazoo SE
  • North Kent Service Center, 10076 Northland Dr.
  • Rockford Northview H.S., 4451 Hunsberger NE
  • Plainfield UMC, 214 Spencer NE
  • SECOM, 1545 Buchanan SW
  • St. Peter and Paul RCC, 520 Myrtle NW
  • Westminster Presbyterian, 47 Jefferson SE

If this is also a quality you are trying to pass along to your children, I humbly offer this as a suggestion and ask for any other ideas! 



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2 responses to “Access Food Drive

  1. Brendalynn

    So many yummy sounding recipes to try! Thanks for listing them!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to share.

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