What a week.

Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnez)You may have noticed no new posts from Big Binder this week.  As Ricky Ricardo would say; lemme ‘splain.

First, my Dad and husband were working on the electrical wiring in the house.  I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have these two in my life for many reasons; not the least of which being their talents in the home repair area.  However, it was not a conducive environment as it was, well, dark for a while.

A.P. then developed a horrible ear infection and we ended up in the ER during the wee hours of the night. He is feeling much better now, but again, a situation that cut into Big Binder time.

We are back at full strength now though; both immunity and electrically speaking. As always; we’re geared up for a big week!


10:00am Story Hour, Blandford Nature Center.


12 noon through Saturday; Octoberfest at John Ball Park. Edelweiss Club of Grand Rapids.


Through Sunday; Rockford Harvest Fest Children’s Weekend.

9:00AM-5:00PM Lowell Harvest Celebration. Fun Run, craft show, art fair, chili cook off, live music… the works!

1:30PM-3:30PM Salsa Saturday. Main Library. Free.

5:00PM-7:00PM Wyoming Pumpkin Path, Lamar Park, Wyoming. 100 businesses host tables and hand out prizes, toys and candy.



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2 responses to “What a week.

  1. Deb

    I’m glad to see you back! 🙂 And I’m glad that A. P. is feeling better – trips to the ER are never fun.

    We’ll be at the Pumpkin Path, which gives me just over a week to find costumes – something that’s not going very well so far this year… Sigh.

  2. thediaperdiaries

    I was wondering what happened to you. “The Challenge” is up over at my blog. Enter at your own risk.

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