More Than Mustard

I love my dog. I got her when I was a single girl, working a million hours a week. She was a ‘pound’ dog and I appreciated the look on her face when I walked by her pen. It didn’t say, “please pick me!” or “I’m so sad” or even “you look like a nice human”. It seemed to say, “Hey, you. Yeah YOU, lady. You can get me out of here, right?”. Then I swear she winked at me. This was my dog.

Our lives have changed a lot  since then. We have added a husband and two children to our family, and live in another city. But she is still my dog and she has given me a lot.

What she has not given me, though, is the inspiration for an entire line of award winning sauces, marinades, and nuts. Jeez,  which pen was THAT dog in?

This is, however, what Nutmeg gave to Julie Applegate; founder of Mrs. Dog’s. Julie and Nutmeg brought us the famous Mrs. Dog’s Disappearing Mustard, which you would have had a chance to try at the Art of the Table exhibit at the Local First ‘Eat Local Kickoff’ had my friends and I not hogged it all.

The Jamaican Jerk Marinade is also super tasty and will spice things up in a way that I promise you will love.  Julie describes it as having the taste and magic of Jamaica. I can hear the steel drums now. Want to give it a try? HOLD THE PRESSES!! WE HAVE ANOTHER CONTEST!! Lucky you! Julie has generously donated 3 jars of Jamaican Jerk Marinade and some recipes so three lucky winners will have some local deliciousness to call their own. 

To enter, just cruise over to the Mrs. Dog’s website and leave a comment below with your favorite recipe. Or, come up with your own; I double dog dare ya!

Good luck!

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Luna, the newest company representative. 

Luna’s official title is, “Morribrook’s Chile Pepper Princess”. Her qualifications include – total cuteness.


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8 responses to “More Than Mustard

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  2. I absolutely must try that brie. It sounds heavenly.

  3. Sarah

    My dogs haven’t inspired any cooking lines either but they are very handy for cleaning up all of the crumbs my two year old creates.

  4. Jenniflower

    All the recipes looked great. I need to try the disappearing mustard. I’m a big mustard fan.

  5. Spartanjill

    I can’t just choose one, they all make my mouth water.

  6. Dan

    I love the their mustard. Never tried the jerk marinade but can’t wait to try.

  7. Brendalynn Eustice

    I have never heard of the mustard before? I love to try new things, the same old same old gets borring around here!

  8. Megan

    I’ve seen some of these products but have never tried them. Adding them to my next shopping list!