Going, Going, Almost Gone…

The Eat Local challenge wraps up today with our final contest.  Let me first thank all of these awesome companies and organizations for donating these products for this contest. I think we have all come a long way in the past two weeks as I read the comments and see that people learned something new about products made right here in Grand Rapids. That is really exciting to me.

Second, thanks to everyone who has participated in this contest, either by entering or passing along the information to an interested friend.  I feel so grass-rootsy.

Let me recap the chances you have to win. If you aren’t in the Grand Rapids area, please play anyway! If you win something that I can’t get to you; I’ll swap it out with another prize. This is Grand Rapids; we do stuff like that.  We’re a special breed of nice here.  

I will close the contest Sunday at midnight E.S.T. and do the drawing Monday morning. 

Today we got a chance from Mrs. Dog’s to win one of three Jamacian Jerk Marinades. 

We got a good reminder from the kids at Thornapple Elementary’s Environmental Club to say no to paper and plastic, and a chance to win one of 15 swell canvas bags from them. 

Art & Bev Bistro donated two $5 gift certificates for two of you to have a chance at your own Tasty Tuesday.

On Monday we had a word from Ben Franklin and a chance to win one of two All Natural Golden Legacy Turkey Breasts from Michigan Turkey Producers.

We launched the contest last Monday with Litehouse Dressings and one of ten chances to win a jar of this delicious treat.

On Tuesday we warmed up with Onion Crock Soup and a chance to win a case of tasty goodness.

Wednesday we heard all about Alicat Kitchens and got the chance to win a $25 gift certificate.

Thursday brought us the chance to win one of 5 Cheeze Kurls t-shirts or one of 5 Munchster’s dolls.

Friday we stirred up quite a bit of excitement with a case of Stehouwer’s Beef Sizzlers to win.

Play ’em all, why not? Good luck!



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2 responses to “Going, Going, Almost Gone…

  1. Dan

    Thanks for doing all this. Makes you appreciate the great local products. I’ve also have found some great recipes to try. By the way the queso pigs in the blanket were a big hit at the football party last weekend.

    Thanks again


    P.S. Come on sizzler steaks.

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