Eat Local Challenge – Pass It On!

You might remember that not only is it contest mania here; I ‘tagged‘ some other bloggers to create a local meal. I am so very excited to let you know that so far, two have taken the challenge!

The Diaper Diaries (or to be more accurate, the husband of the DD) found the makings for an AWESOME meal at Horrocks and included pictures and the recipe on this post.  You have to go and check it out, it looks SOOO good.

Eastowners whipped up some Vegetable Burritos that also sound delicious. Again, I stand impressed that it was the man of the house that did the cooking.  Being vegetarians I was super curious what they would come up with. They did not disappoint; I am sure I could get my very carniverous family to eat these! Head over here to see what they made!

The past week of eating locally has not been as difficult I thought. My family pleasantly suprised me by really liking the salmon in puffed pastry. My kids are not usually fans of fish other than the ‘sticks’ variety so it’s good to know that smoked salmon has made it on the ‘will eat’ list.

The baked potato soup went over REALLY big.  Unfortunately, I was going to cook the whole package of bacon and use half of it for another meal, but my husband couldn’t stop eating it. To be fair, it was really, really good. I was suprised at how different it tasted than the stuff from the grocery store.

The tortilla soup was really good; we had it two nights in a row. The calzone was good too. I thought that we might not be able to taste the difference in the meat since it was swimming in a sea of pepperoni, sauce, and cheese, but it still tasted better than what we’ve had before.   In fact, one of my husband’s co-workers invited himself over to dinner after he saw the leftovers in my husband’s lunch the next day.

I discovered a new coffee, much to my suprise.  Acting on a hot tip from Char, I stopped by Schuil.  Click on that link; listen to the nice jazziness… yeah, it’s like that. I’m not usually a blend girl, but I got half a pound of Cuban anyway.  I also got half a pound of Celebes Kalossi. This is my new favorite.  When the very nice employee let me look at and smell the beans, I immediately said, “I want my house to smell like that”.  She nodded her head, knowingly, and bagged up my beans. This is good stuff. Real good stuff; I will be back for sure.

I will put a few more recipes up this week as I make them.  I also want to challenge anyone reading this to make a ‘local’ meal! It’s fun!



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2 responses to “Eat Local Challenge – Pass It On!

  1. I think I am going to have to try your Salmon Puffs one night. They sound really yummy, and the fact that your kids ate them only makes me want to try them more…..I am always trying to get Clare to eat different things.

    I am so glad you stopped by Schuil’s! Now that I am back to being out every day with school it’s on my weekly or bi-weekly shopping stops around town. I was never a HUGE coffee drinker til this summer, now there’s a pot made just about every day…..especially when I can get my Schuil’s in. 🙂

  2. Would you say that Schuil’s beats the Bigg B?? I am interested in this. I am going to post about my not so fancy local food dinner tonight. that’s right you guessed it. Tonight.

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