Mommy? Where is Chile?

This morning the kids and I set out at the farmers’ market, each of us with a few dollars in our pockets and a tote bag in our hands.  I had told A.P. to look for carrots, which he found. He did not want to buy them though, because they were “yucky”.  Meaning, they still had dirt and the tops on them and were not cut into ‘baby’ carrots.

I realized I still have a little work to do.

In keeping with our Eat Local Challenge, today our craft project was mapping our food path.  I know, aren’t you jealous? My kids are too young to know I’m a dork, but they will figure it out soon enough.

We are using a map of Michigan given to us by Michael Sak at the Labor Day parade.  My kids have apparently forgiven him for his recent transgressions, but it probably didn’t hurt that that he also gave them a swell American flag to wave, which they quickly learned is a virtual candy magnet.

We took our map and at every meal today, colored in a little dot marking where our food was from.  Anything from outside of Michigan gets tossed into the lake.  We’ll keep this up until the Eat Local Challenge is over.

My kids find the U.P. a little confusing and keep mixing it up with Wisconsin, but truth be told; so do I…


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5 responses to “Mommy? Where is Chile?

  1. thediaperdiaries

    Seriously, why isn’t the UP Wisconsin?

  2. cleaver mama

    Seriously, you are an AWESOME mom!

  3. I was anxiously awaiting Good Idea Momma’s response to that 🙂
    You are my favorite Yooper and this down-stater is going to show up at your door someday soon demanding pasties, eh?

  4. I have always wondered why the UP just wasn’t it’s own country. I am jealous of your dinner table ambition. I am just trying to have my kids eat any veggies while they are at the table, much less mapping them.

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