How Do I Do This Blog Thing? Part 2

What is a blog? And where did that word come from?

A blog is really a website.  The difference between a blog and the type of website we are more accustomed to is that a blog is updated frequently, like a diary or a log.  The word blog is a combination of the words “web” and “log”.  It’s a weblog; or a ‘blog’ for short.

One of my first impressions of blogs was that they were ‘messy’.  I hope mine isn’t, but I know they are all somewhat disorienting to look at in the beginning.

So let’s take a look, and see if I can help sort it out a bit. First, the latest post (or log entry) will be on the front ‘page’ when you go to Big Binder.  It will have a title, and the date is is posted.

Off to the right is an option to subscribe by email.  That way, anytime I post something you will get an email of it. The next thing is RSS feed; this is another way to get updates but if you don’t use RSS feeds don’t worry about this one.

Same for Technorati; it’s blog blah blah. Great stuff; but that will be in our upper level blogging classes.  Oh yes; I have big plans for you all 🙂

Going down the page is the search function.  It’s like Google, but just for Big Binder.

Categories are the way I, well, categorize things.  You can click on any category to see all the posts I have designated to be in that category.

Going down the page further, recent posts are just that; the past few days’ worth of posts. You can click on any of them to go to that post.

Recent comments are the things people have said about specific posts. You can click on the posts to read what they wrote.

Archives are just posts broken down by months. 

A blogroll is like a list of my blogging buddies.  You can click on the links if you want to check out their blogs and see what they are all about.

Links I like are local resources I think folks might be interested in.

Blog stats is the total number of views since my blog started.

Is that enough for one day? I think it is.  Time for a break. Enjoy your Saturday.  And if you have questions you can email me at


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