Stehouwer’s Sizzlin’ Contest

My family loves Stehouwer’s.  And I don’t just mean A.P., Maybelle, Mr. Binder and myself.  My WHOLE family loves a good ‘sizzler’ and I grew up eating them, and I’m sure if you’re from around here you did too.

This is one tasty and easy way to eat locally.  Stehouwer’s is right here, in Grand Rapids! Lucky us!

I’ll admit something though. For as much as I love to cook; it never occurred to me that I could actually use Stehouwer’s in a recipe.  This brings us to the contest for today.  

Stehouwer’s has very generously donated an ENTIRE CASE (that is 48 patties!!) of Beef Sizzlers to encourage us to eat locally. You’ll be sizzlin’ for months!!

Take a look at the Stehouwer’s website and browse through the recipes.  If you win, what recipe would you make?

Leave a comment below with your response, and you will be entered to win

Good luck!



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12 responses to “Stehouwer’s Sizzlin’ Contest

  1. Spartanjill

    I guess I’m in an Italian mood, but I would do the Italian sizzlers. The pizza pigs in the blanket don’t sound bad either. I love pigs, but have never tried them pizza style. What a great idea! I’m hungry now!

  2. Dan Hormuth

    Are you kidding me? Pigs in a blanket and con queso. This will definately be my dish to pass for big battle of the winless. Go Irish. Well if Notre Dame loses I will have to drown my sorrows in sizzlers especially the German sizzlers. Thanks again for doing all of this.

  3. Silly Sister-in-law

    No doubt about it, the good old Philly Steak sandwich is a favorite at our house! Of course, loaded on top with cheese, onions and peppers!!

  4. Jenniflower

    I’ve always liked a french dip sandwich. Their recipe looks good. My husband would love any of the pigs in a blanket recipes.

  5. cleaver mama

    I am thinking Cheese Steak Italian Style. Once again a new company I have never heard of!

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  7. adventuremom

    I have never heard of this brand but I would be anxious to try it. Open face sandwich with gravy sounds good to me 😉

  8. I ate so many of these sizzlers growing up. I have to admit that I kind of forgot about them when I moved out of my parents house. Now, I am having a little taste for them. I always loved to put the classic sizzler on a sesame seed bun and make it like a BLT sandwich with cheese. Put lettuce, tomato, lots of mayo and a slice of cheese (melty cheese). YUM!! Such an easy meal.

  9. Do they ship all over? It sounds fabulous!

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  11. Brendalynn Eustice

    I am SO hungry now! Looking at all those delicious sizzlers made my mouth water! I remember eating them as a kid but I admit I have not bought them, mostly due to the fact that I didn’t realize how many different recipes you could make with them! I love French dips and I would love to try the beef taco casserole, sounds like something the kids would love!

  12. Megan

    I love the basic French dip recipe. We grew up eating sizzlers on toasted white bread with onion and ketchup. I had forgotten how much I’d enjoyed those (as strange as that concoction may sound!). Thanks for re-introducing me to some of my childhood favorites. I just wish Towne Club pop was still around to complete the trip back in time!! A sizzler, cheese kurls and a lime towne club…..delicious.