So, Um, How Do I Do This Blog Thing?

woman looking confusedOK. Let me start by saying that I didn’t know what a blog was about 4 months ago. I had some friends who were getting interested in ‘blogging’, and I got curious.

Believe me; I understood completely when several people asked me 1) what is a blog and 2) how do I comment on it?

So here you go!

First, if you are reading this in an email you need to click on the post and come to the Big Binder site.  Here is a little interesting thing you might not know; any time there is an underlined word it means there is a ‘clickable’ link.  Meaning; you can click on it and another website will open up.  Here, click on Big Binder.  See?

Now, at the end of the post (you can scroll down) you want to comment on, it will say “Filed under (whatever) ! Comments”.

Click on ‘comments’.  It will kind of refresh the page, and you will have to scroll down to the end again.  This time, there will be three boxes for you to fill in.

First, it will say ‘name’.  You can just use your first name, or use a ‘screen’ name.  This will be visible for the world to see.

Second, you need to put your email address in.  This only comes to me; and is not visible to anyone else. 

Third, if you have your own website you can put it here.  If not, you can leave it blank.

Now you can type your comment in the white box.  When you are done, click the ‘submit’ button below the box.

If you are a first time commenter, you will probably get a message that it needs to be approved by the moderator. That is me. What happens is I get an email and can read the comment before it is published.  This is just to prevent spam.  After a few times, it will ‘trust’ you and you won’t get that message.

Now that is all there is to it! If you have any questions, you can email me.  If you need an email address for me and don’t already have one; use

OK now here is your assignment!  Leave a comment after this post.  Don’t be shy. Tee hee! Feel silly? We all did at first. You’ll get the hang of it.

I think that is enough Big Binder Blog School for today.  Good work, students! Thank you all so much for reading my blog.  Big Binder loves you.



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4 responses to “So, Um, How Do I Do This Blog Thing?

  1. thediaperdiaries

    Look at you educating the masses

  2. I still am unsure what a blog is exactly, and I’ve been doing it for over a year…..who came up with that word?!?! I think we should all “Dear Diary to the Masses”. 🙂

  3. I will have a post on this very topic tomorrow; I didn’t want to put too much out there at once and make it confusing. Sit tight y’all… info is on the way!

  4. Big Binder – great idea…makes things a lot less intimidating for newbies and I have a lot to learn myself.

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