Cow paradeOur Tasty Tuesday this week did not actually involve a restaurant. In fact, it did not involve any food. Just a drink; and LOTS of it.

No, I did not take my kids to the bar. If I did, I probably wouldn’t blog about it…

Today we went to Dairy Discovery at SwissLane Farms.  I really didn’t know what to expect but I was kind of looking for this old Sweedish guy wearing overalls to come barreling out of a barn and offer to let the kids milk the cow. Instead, we got the Sweedish guy’s super cool great-great-great-granddaughter Annie, who took us on an incredible tour of a dairy farm with 1100 cows.

First we met in the barn, where Annie gave us an overview of the operation.  She’s bilingual. She speaks kid and adult fluently and switches back and forth without a hitch. From there we actually saw cows being milked. It’s an amazing mix of technology with nature.  Most of us there had at some point breastfed our kids and we had a true sense of empathy for those ‘before’ udders.

The we were off to the maternity ward.  The kids got to feed the baby cows with giant bottles, which as you can imagine was a HUGE hit. Dairy Tech, Inc.

We also got a hayride which of course all of the kids loved as well.  They had fun in the corn box, which is a sand box with dried corn instead. We had some great chocolate milk (you could also have regular if you wanted, but why?) and the kids got a bag with milk goodies in it.

I have been on a lot of kid tours and I can honestly say this is one of the best ones we have done.  The grand total? $5 per person. It’s the best deal in town.

The milk goes to Bareman Dairy so we kept our “Eat Local” committment. However, we also met our first challenge today. The friends we went with all went to lunch at a fast food restaurant afterwards and we were a little sad we had to pass.  We went home instead, and had peanut butter and strawberry jelly that I canned early this summer on Arnies bread. And talked about cows. A lot…


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2 responses to “MOO!

  1. I so wished we would have been able to go… just didn’t fit our time schedule though. It sounds like it’d be a great spring/early summer activity to do again though…..hint hint.

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