How Nice!

nicematters.jpgWell, what an honor I have just received! My good friend Look, Mom, Look! passed along the “Nice Matters” award to me.  I am completely flattered and did not prepare an acceptance speech. Thank you!

I will pass this award along to two other bloggers that are deserving of having their niceness recognized. 

First, Good Idea Momma is someone who is so balanced and even keeled she is a very calming presence. She is also very kind and gives a lot to her children, husband, and friends as well as the community around her.

Second, Adventure Mom wins as well.  I  stand in awe as I watch her balance her job, children, travelling husband, and her own self identity – all the while maintaining a sense of humor and a niceness you wouldn’t expect from someone with this many balls in the air. She also manages to find time to be involved in our community and contribute her many talents to different projects around town.

Ladies, you both have my admiration and genuine appreciation of how nice you are!



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3 responses to “How Nice!

  1. adventuremom

    You are so sweet!

  2. I’ve never thought of myself as balanced, but thank you.

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