Labor Day Weekend

The highlight of our past week was a great day at Millenium Park.  I have no idea why we have only gone twice this summer; it is the perfect kid beach.  It is shallow, warm, and has a sprinkler park right behind it.  Admission is free after Labor Day; so if there is a warm enough day, try and get out there!

We also froze 48 ears of corn. That seems like a lot. It IS a lot – of shucking. Fortunately my kids are pretty enthusiastic shuckers but by the time the corn was blanched and the kernels off the cob, our huge pile of corn was reduced to a small bowl of kernels. I know in Febrary when I have a bag of frozen Michigan sweet corn I will be happy I took the time though.

I will be back on Monday with a Menu Plan.  Have a great weekend! 

3 Monday

10AM Labor Day Parade.  This is the MAC DADDY of parades.  It starts at Mt Vernon and Fulton and proceeds west down Fulton to John Ball Park. There will be a picnic in the park after the parade; and lots of “Solidarity Forever” singalongs. Take an extra vessel for the candy; you will get tons.

6 Thursday

10AM Grand Rapids Natural Parenting meeting – topic is ‘The Vaccine Debate’.  Hope Reformed Church; corner of Kalamazoo and Burton. Children are welcome.

Through Saturday; Celebration on the Grand

8 Saturday

9:00AM-4:00PM Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association Arts & Crafts Fair.  Free admission.

Through Sunday – 10AM 46th Annual Grand Valley American Indian Lodge Pow Wow, Riverside Park. Public welcome; Native American Dancing, Crafts and Food. Grand Entries for dancing are 1:00PM and 7:00PM Saturday and 12:00 noon Sunday. For more information call  (616) 364-4697 or email

1:00PM Mud Lake Farm tour

12:00 Priority Health Grand Cycling Classic bike race.  There is a free ‘kids race’ for kids 9 and under (two age groups).



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3 responses to “Labor Day Weekend

  1. My kids LOVE shucking corn too! You’re such a great momma! 🙂 We too love Millenium Park, such a local treat. This beach also helped the kids get real comfortable with water. Pools can be scary and overwhelming due to their sudden deepness. With this park, the kids can gradually get used to the water depth. I can’t say enough about this place! We’ll see you there!

  2. Deb

    Oh I didn’t realize Millenium Park is free after Labor Day! We’ve made it out there a few times this summer, but if it’s warm on a weekend again we’ll definitely have to go again – can’t beat free! 🙂 It really is the perfect ‘kid’ beach – we love it.

    Have a good holiday weekend!

  3. I love it that you said “hand shucked” so many times. It makes me laugh everytime! You know why, so I won’t explain it again 🙂

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