Be A Joiner

mpj041180900001.jpgThis is supposed to be Sanctuary Sunday – a suggestion for  something you can do without your kids, right? So what am I doing, talking about joining parenting groups? Aren’t those for kids? (I can hear everyone in a parent’s group laughing right now).

Yes, that’s what I thought too.  I joined to get into a playgroup, so my kid could make friends.  What ended up happening? Our calendar filled up with activities. My kids made friends. And, so did I!

Most parents groups have a “Night Out” about once a month.  This is where you ditch your kids and spouse (don’t worry; they get to hog you all to themselves on date night) to hang out with a bunch of other people you see all the time…sans  offspring. It’s blissful.

There are a ton in this area, so this is not a complete list but here are some good starting points:

MOM’s Club of Grand Rapids/North

MOM’s Club of Grand Rapids/South

Mom’s Club of Zeeland/Hudsonville

Mothers & More Grand Rapids Chapter

Grand Rapids Dads

MOPS – Several locations in Grand Rapids:

Is your group missing? Let me know! Leave a comment below, or send an email to Big Binder Blog at gmail dot com.



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3 responses to “Be A Joiner

  1. Deb

    There are a few online groups that I belong to and they do Night Out activities or playgroups as well. These are the ones I know about:

    Thanks for posting the list! I know most groups I’ve found tend to meet during the days – I’ve been trying to find something on weekends for working moms, so I’ll have to check them all out…

  2. Deb

    Oops, I forgot the ‘www’ in front of a couple of those… Sorry!

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