Fall is Officially Uncorked

PP06161 ITB 4KG-2 Magenta Yellow LeavesA few days ago, Maybelle found a leaf that had fallen to the ground. And then another, and then in just a few seconds, she had a whole handful. Fall is coming, I thought, the end of summer is near and school will be starting soon.  It’s time to buy new clothes for A.P.; time to try and find his backpack, time to pull the sweaters out of the back of the closet; time to schedule a tour at the vineyard.

We all have our back to school rituals. 

The first falling leaf reminds me it’s time to call Fenn Valley and arrange for a tour. OK I lied; I got excited a few weeks ago during our ‘cold’ snap and already called.

Depending on which type of tour you choose, you will either hang around in the winery and sample wine, or you pile into a wagon and sample wine. It’s like a hayride for adults, but with wine instead of apple cider.  Either way, it ends well. It is your business who you go with – I am taking my husband but it is a great trip out with friends or even by yourself.

If you’re interested, call soon before everyone else notices the leaves have started to fall; these tours fill up quickly!



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2 responses to “Fall is Officially Uncorked

  1. I’ve noticed the falling leaves as well, and suddenly realized September is in like a week and a half. Where did the summer go to? Another fun thing to do with the entire family is the 2nd weekend in September Paw Paw has a wine festival. We’ve gone every year for 4 years…..and it’s lots of fun. They have a kiddie festival area, an arts & crafts section to buy your favorite pottery or carmel corn, and best of all you can go to Warner Winery for tasting & St. Julian has a tent behind their winery to taste the afternoon away for FREE! Check out:
    http://www.wineandharvestfestival.com/ for more info. If you go in the evening St. Julian charges, so be sure to go before 5pm.

  2. What a great event! I like that it has family things to do at Paw Paw. I will have to look into it.

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